Lok Fellowship

Supporting the growth of

professionals who are ready to

test their potential

For over a decade we’ve been running a fellowship program that focuses on the growth of professionals who are driven to step out of conventional boundaries.

Each of them gets a chance to test their potential across various roles such as analysts, researchers, executives, consultants and advisors with our investee companies for a period of in 12 to18 months.

This is essentially based on their expertise as well as the organisation’s requirements. The Lok Fellows can engage across a wide range of functions at the portfolio companies, for instance:

  • Business strategy development
  • Equity and debt fundraising
  • Financial and operational analysis, modelling and forecasting
  • Impact assessment
  • Market research methodologies
  • Operations management
  • Process mapping
  • Marketing and brand development

Fellow Partnership

Here is what FMO, a Dutch development bank, has to say about Lok Fellowship:

We strongly support and encourage The Lok Fellowship Program, especially after witnessing its success over time. The exchange of knowledge is valuable to those entrepreneurs who aim to build a better and more futuristic world as well as those investees who are looking to make a meaningful change in the society.

FMO finances entrepreneurs from developing countries because they believe a thriving private sector fuels economic and social progress.

Anyone from anywhere,

as long as they have a

clear focus

  • Individuals chosen for a Lok Fellowship should have distinguished themselves through impressive academic credentials and possess a few years of professional experience. This could be in the fields of operations, consulting, accounting, banking (commercial or investment) or marketing.
  • Fellows must be willing to shift to India and work independently in dynamic and challenging start-up environments.
  • In order to find the right match for the investee company, candidates will go through initial screenings and interviews.
  • Our Fellows come from diverse geographic and cultural backgrounds and share a commitment to work with social enterprises

Current Fellows

  • Mohit Khatri
  • Baba Prasad Nath

Past Fellows

  • Rishika Lekhadia
    Rishika Lekhadia
  • Parneet Virk

Mohit Khatri

Background: Mohit has been placed with Lok's investee company Green Light Foods which produces millet-based foods such as breakfast cereals and crackers under the brand, 'Monsoon Harvest'. Previously, Mohit worked with KPMG's Financial Due Diligence team for two years. Apart from this, he has also held various business roles in organisations to do with health foods, publishing, sports, finance and hotels. He has completed Bachelors in Commerce with a specialisation in marketing from Loyola College, Chennai.

Current Role: As a Lok Fellow, Mohit is working closely with the promoters and the sales and marketing team to develop branding and distribution strategies, target audience mapping, promotional activities, customer survey mechanisms and reporting of business metrics in order to strengthen the brand's positioning in Bangalore and other geographies.

Baba Prasad Nath

Background: Baba holds a B.A. in economics (2017) and a P.G. Diploma in advanced studies (2018) both from Ashoka University and has joined as a fellow candidate with HR Food ( Osam Dairy) in its procurement function in Bihar. Prior to joining OSAM, he was an associate at Good Business Lab where he worked on field research implementation, project design, data cleaning, and analysis. He has interned with J-PAL(Jameel Abdul Latif- Poverty Action Lab) on a project based in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh under Esther Duflo and Madeline Mckelway. He is passionate about social impact and sustainable women empowerment.

Current Role: As a Lok Fellow, Baba is working closely with the CEO of Osam Dairy and will be responsible for driving Osam’s strategic initiatives within the procurement function to deepen its farmer relationships, by identifying and cultivating deep data-driven partnerships and practices within the dairy ecosystem. He is also involved in coordinating with investors and reporting of business and operational metrics.

Rishika Lekhadia

Rishika Lekhadia

Background: Rishika was a lawyer by training and was placed with Lok's FinTech investee company Mintifi Private Limited. Prior to Mintifi, Rishika was a corporate advisory and transactional lawyer at a leading law firm, Khaitan & Co for two years with a special focus on the financial services sector. She graduated from West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS).

Role: As a Lok Fellow, Rishika helped drive strategic decisions by identifying new business partnerships and tech collaboration opportunities at Mintifi. She worked closely with the senior management team of Mintifi to curate financial products as per the borrower and market requirements and to improve the operational efficiency. Rishika was also involved in assisting the Series B fund raise, which was led by IFC and Lok Capital.

Parneet Virk

Background: Parneet had a cumulative experience of 5 years in financial services prior to joining as a Lok Fellow. She had worked in equity research with a focus on the financial services sector with IIFL and JP Morgan and in M&A within the FIG function at UBS. She completed a Bachelors in Architecture with a minor in MSc Economics at IIT Kharagpur in 2013.

Role: As a Lok Fellow, Parneet was involved in fund raising for Mintifi, including both debt and equity sources. She was responsible for reaching out to and liasoning with debt providers as they evaluated sanctions and was also involved in the Series C fund raising process. Parneet also engaged with existing and potential anchor partners in business development activities.

Will the Fellow get to work with the Lok Capital team and participate in making investing decisions and managing the portfolio?

No, the Fellow will be placed to work with one of Lok’s portfolio companies in the relevant team / function depending on the Fellowship specifications. If you are looking for private equity or impact investing experience, this may not be a suitable opportunity.

What is the nature of work that the Fellow will perform?

The scope of work of the Fellowship will vary and depend on the available roles. Typically, the work will have to do with facilitating growth of Lok’s portfolio company’s operations. E.g. boosting the sales efforts of a consumer product, assisting in treasury management for a financial services company, or enabling efficiency in the procurement of a dairy company. The Fellow will work closely with the senior management team of the portfolio company. The opportunities currently available are listed on our website in the Work With Us > Jobs section. Do have a look to learn more about the roles. While exactly relevant work experience may not be required, allied skills and interests are preferable.

Where will the Fellow have to be located?

The Fellow will be expected to relocate to where the portfolio company is located in order to be able to contribute effectively.

Will the Fellow get to choose which portfolio company and function to work with?

The Fellowship can only be designed based on the requirements of our various portfolio companies. Not all the portfolio companies may have a need for a Fellowship project. The Fellow may consider their choice amongst the roles currently available, as long as the candidate has a relevant background. The available roles are listed in the Work With Us > Jobs section.

How do I know if the Lok Fellowship is right for me?

The Lok Fellowship can be a useful experience to gain exposure to a startup environment and learn about the nuances of on the ground operational challenges. Typically, the Fellow candidate will work closely with the senior management team of the portfolio company. The Fellowship can be a way of enriching your profile prior to applying for an MBA or Master’s program, or to learn about a specific function (e.g. sales and marketing, treasury or input procurement) before choosing to pursue a career in that field.

What is the application process for the Fellowship?

The Fellow will be interviewed by both Lok Capital as well as the portfolio company to ensure a good fit before an offer is made. Applications are on a rolling basis as and when roles are made available. Do keep checking our website to keep yourself informed of available opportunities.

What is the compensation available for the role? Will the Fellow be employed by the portfolio company or by Lok Capital?

The Fellow will receive a stipend from the portfolio company for services rendered. The Fellow will be structured as a consultant to the portfolio company. Post satisfactory completion of the Fellowship, a Certificate shall be awarded by Lok Capital outlining the tenure and details of the Fellowship.

Is there any guarantee of full-time role once the Fellowship is completed?

No, the Fellowship is for a fixed term of 12-18 months only.

Can the Fellowship include working with more than one portfolio company?

Each Fellowship will be for a duration of 12-18 months at one portfolio company only in order to be able to suitably contribute to the project.

What have past Lok Fellows gone on to do post the completion of Fellowship?

Our previous Fellows have gone on to pursue higher studies such as an MBA or have joined full time roles in other companies using their Fellowship experience as a way of enriching their profiles. Since the variety in Fellowship opportunities is fairly broad, the possibilities for each would also vary.

Our current available opportunities are listed in the Work With Us > Jobs section. Please do take a look to understand the roles better.

If you believe a Lok Fellowship is right for you, please submit your resume and cover letter to fellowships@lokcapital.com. In your letter, please explain how your specific skill sets could add value to a social enterprise. Only candidates selected for an initial screening will be contacted.