Who We Are

For Pioneers. By Pioneers.

Believing in those who have


Lok Capital (which means People Capital) was founded in 2004. We are a committed set of professionals who have come together to build a unique platform to foster inclusive growth in India. We have done this by following the venture approach with a strong on-the-ground presence and operational experience that allows us to make long-term equity investments and provide management support to our partner investees.

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At Lok Capital, we believe that growth requires a multi-dimensional approach. Our team has a good mix operational skillset as well as the investments know-how. This allows us to understand issues from the grounds up and work with our partner investees wherever required, across a wide spectrum of functions. We also provide assistance to portfolio companies through our in-house programs of Technical Assistance & Fellowships.


Here’s how we’ve progressed in the last 15 years

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    Journey 2004
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