Our Approach

Partnering with pioneers

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Investment Philosophy & Approach

Lok Capital’s goal is to promote inclusive growth while generating market returns. For this, we partner with talented pioneers to take enterprises to a new level of sustainability, scalability and inclusiveness.

"Inclusion" is defined by applying a combination of criteria such as income, value of owned assets, quality of life and access to basic needs. At Lok, we strive to integrate customers into the economic value chain and believe that this approach will lead to more inclusive and progressive India.

Our investment philosophy revolves around partnering with entrepreneurs and companies across a wide range of backgrounds that have proven execution ability, innovative ideas and a strong passion to create viable solutions.

Additionally, we choose to work with companies:

  • That have a transparent, customer-centric approach to business with a clear focus on client service
  • Where we have a full alignment with promoters in terms of profitability and growth
  • Financial Inclusion
    Financial Inclusion

    As a driving force, financial inclusion has a direct and tangible impact on the lives of low-income households that are mostly underbanked. Lok has been a pioneer in the financial inclusion space in India and we continue to play a meaningful role in this space through investments across all our three funds.

    And as the space has evolved progressively so have we in our investment focus. Over the years we have moved from single product microfinance model to diversified financial services institutions in banking as well as non-banking space. Going forward we plans to develop a diversified portfolio across

    • Small business/ MSME financing
    • Affordable housing finance
    • Digital Finance, fintech and payments
    • Small Finance Banks
  • Agri and Livelihoods
    Agriculture and Livelihoods
    Agri and Livelihoods

    Agriculture plays a vital role in India's economy. Inefficiencies in the agri value chain offers significant investment opportunities. Lok's focus is to invest in integrated "farm to fork" models with strong frontend/brand presence supported by robust backend/production capacity.

    Investments in livelihoods space includes companies that are engaged in income enhancement or employment generation activities for the lower income sections of the society by providing them with market linkages.

  • Healthcare

    Since there's a large unmet need in the healthcare space in India, especially in the underserved regions, it offers an attractive opportunity for Lok to invest in scalable business models across healthcare delivery, diagnostics and product segments.

Equipped to support

partner companies take


Portfolio Management & Impact

We strive to guide our partner companies make better business decisions regarding their organisation, products, operations and clients.

Lok believes in working closely with partner companies by identifying critical areas and helping them build clear operational and financial matrices. Since Lok has access to a wide variety of talent across diverse functions and industries, we are well equipped to help our partners overcome challenges that are typical for fast growing companies. Our engagement is situational and is framed in conjunction with the company.

In order to constantly enhance the impact of our investments, we support our partners strategically and operationally in developing social performance policies and assessing their impact. To help all stakeholders better understand the impact of our investments, we regularly publish portfolio wide impact reports.

Commitment to Integrity

Lok Capital is committed to complying with all applicable laws wherever we operate. It is a core aspect of our mission that we act with integrity in all of our operations. We will not pay nor procure the payment of a bribe or unlawful fee to encourage the proper performance of a task or one which is intended or likely to compromise the integrity of another. We will not accept any payment, gift or inducement from a third party which is intended to compromise our own integrity.