Lok Fellowship

Supporting the growth of

professionals who are ready to

test their potential

For over a decade we’ve been running a fellowship program that focuses on the growth of professionals who are driven to step out of conventional boundaries.

Each of them gets a chance to test their potential across various roles such as analysts, researchers, executives, consultants and advisors with our investee companies for a period of in 12 to18 months.

This is essentially based on their expertise as well as the organisation’s requirements. The Lok Fellows can engage across a wide range of functions at the portfolio companies, for instance:

  • Business strategy development
  • Equity and debt fundraising
  • Financial and operational analysis, modelling and forecasting
  • Impact assessment
  • Market research methodologies
  • Operations management
  • Process mapping
  • Marketing and brand development

Fellow Partnership

Here is what FMO, a Dutch development bank, has to say about Lok Fellowship:

We strongly support and encourage The Lok Fellowship Program, especially after witnessing its success over time. The exchange of knowledge is valuable to those entrepreneurs who aim to build a better and more futuristic world as well as those investees who are looking to make a meaningful change in the society.

FMO finances entrepreneurs from developing countries because they believe a thriving private sector fuels economic and social progress.

Anyone from anywhere,

as long as they have a

clear focus

  • Individuals chosen for a Lok Fellowship should have distinguished themselves through impressive academic credentials and possess a few years of professional experience. This could be in the fields of operations, consulting, accounting, banking (commercial or investment) or marketing.
  • Fellows must be willing to shift to India and work independently in dynamic and challenging start-up environments.
  • In order to find the right match for the investee company, candidates will go through initial screenings and interviews.
  • Our Fellows come from diverse geographic and cultural backgrounds and share a commitment to work with social enterprises

Current Fellows

  • Rishika Lekhadia
    Rishika Lekhadia

Past Fellows

  • Samir Malviya
    Samir Malviya
  • Emily Chen
    Emily Chen
  • Tyler Bolender
  • Patrick Keating
  • Prerna Wadikar
  • Simona Chiavassa
Rishika Lekhadia

Rishika Lekhadia

Background: Rishika is a lawyer by training and has been placed with Lok's FinTech investee company Mintifi Private Limited. Prior to Mintifi, Rishika was a corporate advisory and transactional lawyer at a leading law firm, Khaitan & Co for two years with a special focus on the financial services sector. She has graduated from West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS).

Current Role: As a Lok Fellow, Rishika helps in driving strategic decisions by identifying new business partnerships and tech collaboration opportunities at Mintifi. She has been working closely with the senior management team of Mintifi to curate financial products as per the borrower and market requirements and to improve the operational efficiency. Rishika was also involved in assisting the Series B fund raise, which was led by IFC and Lok Capital.

Samir Malviya

Samir Malviya

Samir worked with Lok Capital’s investee company Ujjivan Financial Services, where he not only participated in raising the company’s first two non-convertible debentures (NCDs), but was also involved in business planning and operational analysis. Prior to that, Samir worked with Goldman Sachs for 2 years and graduated with a BA from Northwestern University. Post his fellowship program, he completed his MBA from the University of Michigan, after which he joined the social venture capital fund, Unitus Impact as a Principal at the San Francisco office.

Reflecting on the Fellowship program, Samir says

A Fellowship can help people find their true passion, like I found my passion for social impact through Lok.

Emily Chen

Emily Chen

Emily worked with Lok Capital’s investee company Asirvad, where she led the roll out of new business loan products, improved reporting processes and helped in cash flow management. Before that, she worked with Goldman Sachs for 3 years and graduated with a BA from Dartmouth College. Post her Fellowship program, Emily worked with the investment team of Lok. She is currently pursuing her MBA from Tuck School of Business.

Reflecting on the Fellowship program, Emily says

My Fellowship gave me deep insights into the challenges facing social enterprises to scale and the cultural nuances of working in a local Indian company.

Tyler Bolender

Tyler worked with Lok Capital’s investee company Spandana where he handled branding/marketing initiatives, helped design and launch healthcare alliances, and also helped in recruitment. Prior to that, Tyler worked with TransUnion and did his graduation with a BA from California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo. Post his Fellowship program, Tyler did his MBA from Columbia Business School. He is currently working with Global Strategy Team, Samsung Electronics, Seoul.

Reflecting on the Fellowship program, Tyler says

The Lok Fellowship is a tremendous opportunity to not only build skills, but to define your leadership style. My year at Spandana was a turning point in my career. It was a unique opportunity to work closely with top management teams on their most pressing problems, and in doing so, helped me determine how to best contribute to this field throughout my career

Patrick Keating

Background : Patrick worked with Artoo as an IDEX Fellow in Bangalore. Artoo develops software solutions for the information gathering needs of social enterprises. Before his stint at Artoo, Patrick was a research analyst intern at Advisors Financial, a financial planning firm in Falls Church, Virginia Patrick is from Virginia and holds a Bachelors of Science in Commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia. He studied abroad for a semester at ESADE Business School, along with studying and consulting in Bangladesh and Panama.

Current Role : Patrick is developing tools to enable Vistaar to use its data to drive business and improve operations. He has created a branch scorecard in order to improve branch performance by holistically assessing and comparing branches as well as helps trigger to flag performance issues. He is also illuminating potential leads by identifying eligible repeat customers as well as industries, products, and locations with low penetration. Along with this, he is also analysing company financials to derive product profitability and branch breakeven business.

Prerna Wadikar

Background : Prerna has worked with CRY and Auroville as a Consultant and is keen on pursuing a career in Social Enterprise in the area of Social Impact. She completed her graduation in Information Technology from Cummins College of Engineering, Pune University in the year 2006, and worked for six years before completing her Post Graduate Program in Public Policy Management, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Current Role : Prerna is working in marketing and communication, in both internal and external, to promote RuralShores as a preferred employer among rural youth.

Simona Chiavassa

Background : Simona has worked in microfinance, at the Grameen Bank (Bangladesh) and Planet Rating (Paris). Before joining Ujjivan, she completed the CEMF program from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and worked as a finance analyst for an international consulting company. She graduated in 2012 from the Turin School of Management and Economics

Current Role : Simona handles various projects by working in the Individual Lending department. She has been leading the launch of a new product and has conducted an ABC product costing exercise, since her arrival at Ujjivan. During the coming months, she will focus on profitability analysis and customer ROI assessment.

If you believe, a Lok Fellowship is right for you, please submit your resume and cover letter to fellowships@lokcapital.com. In your letter, please explain how your specific skill sets could add value to a social enterprise. Only candidates selected for an initial screening will be contacted.